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[A message from the founder]

What is Beirut?

If you donít know you have really been missing out.  Try a game and it will open your eyes to an unparalleled competitive drinking experience.  It is different things to different people.  To some it is a means to an end of getting drunk.  To others it is a fun pastime of talking trash not to be taken too seriously.   To a select few, the seemingly simple game paired with an inner conflagration of competitive drive result in an experience that is more than folly, more than a game of chance, it becomes a competition wholly inclusive of all of the aspects of professional sport:  skill, luck, legend, intimidation, professionalism, comrodery, the jubilant joy of victory, the numbness of defeat, jaw dropping acts of play, and a sense of being part of something uniquely special.  This is Beirut to me, and this is the spirit of our tournaments.


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What seperates us from other Beirut or Beer Pong sites?   Basically a couple of things.   We are older so we have a more mature perspective on the game, and we have a more professional viewpoint.   We're not the guys who are simply out to get messed up from the game.   Rather we are the guys who will play with water for the love of the game.   We play to win, and we let the losers fall back on the fact that they are still having fun and getting messed up.   Basically, we play the game because we are good at it, respect it for its competitiveness, and we have fun participating.   You know the guys who play straight faced and seem to hit all of the cups like it's part of a job?   Yeah, that's us...  

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