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April 2002 Pics
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The King of this particular "castle"
If you can't beat em - make funnies!

Well Brian had a choice that every Beirut player inevitably has to make:  To choose a skilled player as a partner, or to play with the significant other.  One choice might lead to a victory but will result in the doghouse.  The other will lead to happy times but defeat as certain as an Iraqi offensive.  Which did he choose?  Let's just say that he went 0-2 on the day...

How many guys does it take to figure out a bracket
Where do you go if you lose?

One massive bracket is better than lots of little print outs, because people have difficulty keeping track on their own of who wins and loses.  One central place to go for information cuts down on the number of questions to the organizer (or tournament director if you will).  And when that person is also trying to play, well, the fewer questions the better.

Many top teams showed up
Spencer and Thrill defending their championship

Well it was an up and down day, but any way you look at it Spencer & Thrill fell short of their goal of defending their championship.  They won a couple of games, but ended up losing to the newcomers Team Goldfly (Petzold/Battistelli) and Weed/Walgreen.  Losing to Walgreen hurt because they are fun rivals.  Team Goldfly was hellbent on using their own balls.  Very odd...

Joe Manley from was in the house
Playing with "Little Mess"

One of the feel good stories of the day, the team ended up winning 3 games.  They hadn't met prior to the tourney, and both decided to play together on a whim.  Another reason it felt good was that Joe didn't fall down from the ceiling again (that hurts!).