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April 2002 Pics
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Making some noise in the bracket
Boris (left) and Aballi (right) - Team 5 times a Day

For once, their play almost lived up to all of the crap they talk.  After losing a Pre-Rack-Kill (PRK) at the hands of Spencer and Thrill in the winners bracket, Team 5 times a day (you figure it out, it stemms from something Boris does in his "happy place" when he is very, very alone), Boris and Aballi went on to rattle off 4 victories before losing to Team Goldfly.

Border Patrol
Canadians meet up with "5 Times a Day"

Tensions rose as the Canadian and American contingents rooted for their respective teams.  Reminiscent of the classic Russia USA hockey game, USA came out on top.  Well, maybe it wasn't reminiscent at all.

10 hour drive for Beirut? YES!
Friends from "Thr Commission" in Canada

While they might not have won the tournament, the Canadians have to get a prize for driving over 10 hours for the sport of Beirut.  Now that's dedication.  The only thing we would drive 10 hours for is free beer...

International Incident Avoided
Yes, we CAN all just get along

Yes it was a happy ending when Canadian and American sides punched fists after all of the play was done.  Well, as happy as it could be with neither team advancing to the finals.