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Fall 2001 Tournament pics
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Gumbo Boys
Vin and Gabe

Props on the uniforms.  Their passion for the game wasn't enough as they lost their first round match.  They attempted to launch an admirable loser's bracket run, only to run into the eventual loser's bracket champion's Gage and Panico.

Sarah and Shannon
It's fun to beat Sugar!!

Crutches wouldn't come between Shannon and Beirut.  While Sarah and Shannon only had one victory during the tournament, it was against Sugar and Colin.  Their victory resulted in an eruption of applause from the onlookers.

Enya Face
Gage and Panico

After losing to Spencer and Thrill in the winners bracket, team Enya face entered the loser's bracket with one mission:  to get to the finals.  They succeeded, but they didn't have an easy voyage through the loser's bracket.  Along the way they beat Gabe/Vin, Conroy/Nappi, John/Sara, Indoe/Ryan, and Gene/Craig.  They were able to beat Spencer and Thrill in one game of the finals, but couldn't maintain their momentum for one more game. 

Westwood's Finest
Vogelgesang and Sugar

Not much was known of Sugar's friend Colin before the tournament, was he bringing in a marksman?  Sugar had talked a big game leading into the tournament, only to promptly lose his first round match.  They had their chances though, it came down to one cup each, and Westwood's finest must have had a combined 20 shots at their opponent's lone remaining cup before getting defeated.