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Fall 2001 Tournament pics
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It all comes down to this
Left to right: Thrill, Spencer, Gage, and Panico

Spencer/Thrill and Gage/Panico would meet three times during the tournament.  The Beer God Apostles would win the first and last meeting, with team Enya face capturing the second game.  Both teams walked away from the tournament with great respect for one another.

Gage and Panico win the first finals game
Panico prepares to throw

While getting lit up by flash cameras and jeered and cheered by the crowd, the Beer God Apostles and Enya Face battled it out.  The familiarity with the pressure of playing in front of a loud crowd might have given Spencer and Thrill the edge they needed to beat Gage and Panico.

Spencer/Thrill vanquished many opponents
Spencer prepares to throw

Spencer and Thrill's road to victory wasn't an easy one.  After shaking off the initial butterflies to beat Hughes/Ramirez, they went on to beat Sarah and Shannon, making sure to congratulate them on their victory over Sugar.  From there they beat Gage and Panico who would win the loser's bracket to face they yet again.  After that they Beat Bergida and Fermano.  Bergida, when paired with Tom, had beaten Spencer and Thrill in two previous tournament finals.  They then beat Gene and Craig, the top team from to face Gage and Panico twice more.

The last game was video taped
Joe Manley from manning the camera

Joe Manley from video taped the final game of the tournament.  He fell from the ceiling twice while attempting to get the best possible angle.  Somehow he remained unscathed, and managed to protect the camera.  Now that's dedication!