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Fall 2001 Tournament pics
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Thrill and Spencer after their win
Thrill speaks!

After their championship victory Thrill, who had remained silent in focus during the tournament, decided to give a brief speech.

Gage and Panico accomplished a lot that day
Panico searches for the words to describe his second place finish

Despite coming up just short in the finals, Enya Face has a lot to be proud of.  They won 7 out of 9 games during the tournament, and took down some impressive teams.

The injury of the tournament
Indoe bruises a rib

After Gage and Panico (Team Enya Face) won the first of two finals games against Spencer and Thrill while listening to their Enya theme song, a good-natured brawl broke out over control of the stereo.  Neither team playing participated in the raucous.  While the Enya was silenced, Indoe payed for the accomplishment with an injury to his ribs.  He would go to the hospital and take pain medication for several weeks, but has thankfully had a complete recovery.

Gene from congratulates the winners
Greg Bergida looks on

Greg Bergida isn't used to watching the championships from afar.  Prior to the Spring 2001 tourney, he had, along with his partner Tom, won two consecutive tournaments.  They beat Spencer and Thrill in the finals of both.  Tom, however, couldn't make it to the Fall 2001 tournament as he had concert tickets.  He won't make that mistake again, and Bergida won't let him.