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Beirut Links
The Sportsbar One of Spencer's favorite bars in his hometown of Binghamton, NY.  They host tournaments with as many teams as sign up on Thursday nights at 9 for cash prizes.   $2 per team entry fee gets you all the beer you need while you play.   Hosted a .net qualifier.   One table is always up 24x7.   Spencer has played in 3 tourneys there and won 2 out of 3, most recently under the team name "The Best Team Here." The Beirut site trying to appeal to the mass-market.   A Really well-designed site.  Prettiest ruit site of all. Gotta play the online game.   Spencer and Thrill from finished second in the .net national tournament in 2003.   This site appears to be down. Site for the national beer pong league.  The game is a close relative of beirut.  This site has an extensive list of Beirut variations.
International Beirut Players Association A newer site.  Not too much content yet.
Beirut FAQ A site with a version of Beirut rules. Beirut Rules Another version.
Swarthmore College Beirut "Beirut Gaining Popularity"--Article for Swartmore Paper.
Johns Hopkins Beirut "Beirut will save the 2004 Olympics"--Article for Johns Hopkins Paper.

Beerdie Links Beerdie Rules Not just a game, but a Sport....