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Hmmmmm...... Beer.......
The kegerator

Ahhh, one of the first sights we were treated too.  Inside was cold Bud Light.  Ice cold.  The kegs were efficiently ferried in one after another and changed with expert precision in no time flat.  You need a good light beer for Beirut, of course, nothing can top Busch Light.

Practice before tournament play begins
Tom (left) and Greg (right) from

Tom/Greg and Spencer/Thrill practiced in Thrill's basement, the site for the upcoming April 13th Spencer's Beirut Tournament, prior to the tourney before catching a quick lunch (McDonald's - the choice of champions).  They then got dropped off at hq's.  Once there, they practiced some more before the tournament.

Marissa (left) and Jamie (right)
Prepared for the ass-whipping

Marissa and Jamie sent out some fun-natured trash talking emails to Tom and Greg.  The subject line read:  Prepare for the ass-whipping.  Tom and Greg had a hearty laugh over the emails, and vowed to bring out their A game right away.

Ass-whippers rejoice
Marissa gives the thumbs up after beating Tom and Greg

No they didn't!!  Tom/Greg wished they could have crawled up into a hole somewhere.  The unthinkable had happened - the ass-whipping had occured.  It came down to one cup each, and once that happened, you knew what was coming next.  They'll never forgive themselves for that loss, it was the first of many for the top seeded teams that day.