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Tom/Greg about to lose to Marissa/Jamie
Where the hell did our game go?

There was some controversy late in the game.  At one cup each, Tom threw a ball at the girls' last cup, and hit one of them in the hand.  An argument insued, and the lack of a hard rule was evident.  Intent was argued:  did Tom try to hit her hand, did she try to hit the ball, could either of them prevented it?  Add in the fact that they usually throw as a team made things even more confusing.  A re-throw was ruled, and Tom/Greg eventually lost, but after missing several shots at the last cup anyway.  If this had been a .com game, Tom/Greg would have won, similarly to the recent match between Porch/Dayton and Saunders/Ressler in the December .com tourney where Ressler was sloppy and got hit.

The Commission
Adam (left) and Kirk (right)

The Canadian boys from Theta Delta Chi were the downfall of Spencer and Thrill.  Adam and Kirk were the second of which to best Spencer and Thrill.  They did it all in good sport though, and are a great group of people.  We look forward to them attending our April contest of skill.

Tom expressing himself
Hey Tom, how did the tournament go?

Ok Tom, fine, we'll stop dwelling on your loss.  Like you would ever let us live it down if it had been us.  At least take solice in your wins in the loser's bracket.

Adam points out to Ken that he lost
Don't cry Ken!!

These guys love Beirut.  The Commission endures a 10 hour drive to make it out this way.  Ken and CT company have a decent chunk of asphalt to cover themselves, about 3 1/2 hours.  I have the feeling they would drive even further, Dumb and Dumber style, for the love of the game.  That John Denver's full of shit!