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Forgive us for not taking dozens of photos at the open, it was hard to motivate to do so.  Both .com teams lost their first round games, with Spencer/Thrill losing their next game, and Tom/Greg winning a pair of loser's bracket games before exiting as well.  The losses were demoralizing to say the least, not the stuff that inspires photography, but everyone had a good time, even those who fell short, as the beer was in endless supply and plenty of Beirut was to be played.  Hey losses only make the wins that much more sweeter.

The tournament got started around 6, there were 16 teams, and it was in double-elimination format.  There are some noteworthy rules differences between theirs and ours.  They start off with the same cup formations of 12/team, 6/person, but a team never forms one rack.  Rather, each individual player re-racks his/her cups at 3.  Also, if you and your partner both sink cups in the rack of one opponent, you get the balls back.  Nothing happens if you sink 1 cup of both opponents. 

Thrill watching some college basketball before the tourney