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Dan Armstrong and Chris Merritt

You may call one of them short; you may call the other one a stoner.   One hails from the hallways of The Pingry School in New Jersey, known for his Abercrombie shirts and sarcasm.   The other originates from The Brewster Academy in New Hampshire, known for his Birkenstocks and goofy laugh.   But when they are together, these two form quite a duo of being white, preppy, and proud of it.   Stemming from the origins of a freshman year deep within the depths of Forest Hall, these two have fought their way through red and even the occasional blue solo cups whenever the opportunity has presented itself.   From beachfront Beirut on the island in Mystic, Connecticut to winning the Theta Chi Beirut tournament in the Fall of 2002, these two have done it with style and the ever present singing of random songs in the background.   If you donít want to hear it, too bad, because they bring the funk with their A game.   Now, united as partners and brothers, they are poised to take on the campus, Boston, the Northeast, the country, and the world.   They are newcomers to this circuit, and are looking to establish themselves as competitors worthy of all those who wish to play, or perhaps even, see if those who wish to play are worthy of the challenge.   The balls leave their hands gracefully, hitting the cups with a soothing splash of victory, followed by a long worked upon handshake clinically proven to enhance the Beirut playing mind.   And, if all else fails, if they donít serve up some serious whoop-ass, theyíll at least serve up dinner if you ask them to cook.

Chris Merritt (left) and Dan Armstrong (right) approach the game with a professional and sportsmanlike attitude