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"UnderEstimated OverAchievers"

Jon and Sara are relative newcomers on the Beirut scene.  While they may lack the experience that other teams possess, they certainly are not lacking in either skill or ability.  These two young phenoms burst onto the ‘professional’ scene in the spring of 2001 and shocked the beirut community by coming back from the losers bracket to win the final two games of the championship and take home the trophies.  Jon and Sara hope to continue their winning ways by proving to everyone they have long-term staying power and that they can dominate day-in and day-out.

 These two teammates, who make up the ‘Underestimated Overachievers,’ have only been playing together on and off for the past year.  However, their beirut chemistry has been tremendous.  They play with each other very well; when one is having an off game, the other is unstoppable.  But, this is usually not an issue, since very rarely is either off their game.  Their beirut playing intensified in the basement of 169 Fanueil Street, where each player came into their own as an established, reputable competitor.  Many teams have tried to beat them, but come up short…and completely trashed.

 Jon’s beirut career began late.  He did not begin to get heavily involved with the sport until he moved to Brighton, where the team of Dowler and Spencer resided.  From there beirut fate took its toll, as Jon flourished under the mentorship of these two veterans.  The rest is history…albeit a very blurry, beer-induced one at that.

 Sara has developed into a top-notch player, dominating in all facets of the game.  She is the first female player to ever have been victorious in ‘Spencer’s Beirut Tournament.’  When she brings her game, LOOK OUT!!!  She continues to impress to this day, ridding those who hold the stereotype that women can’t hold their own in drinking games.

 Jon and Sara do not play the game as frequently anymore, but the opportunity to play in future tournaments has inspired them to accept the fact that their most glorious days are yet to come.  With a renewed dedication and a thirst for victory (aka beer), these two should be a team to fear.