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"These two young professionals and fabled Ladies Men return to Spencer's with a chip on their shoulders. The pair is ready to bounce back strong after an early exit at the semi-annual fall tournament. It was later realized that the day after the Fall tournament, Matt had a slight tear in his rotator cuff and as a result was forced to undergo the infamous Tommy John surgery. The surgery was a success and after months of rehabing Matt should be more than ready. An eye exam the following week proved that John's contacts were not strong enough. This farsightedness is what caused John to be unable to hit the table in the tournament. Two laser eye correction surgeries and a stronger prescription have made John a much more accurate player and a real threat in this years tournament. When not practicing the beautiful arcing toss that has become their signature, they can be found in the weight room working hard to develop their triceps and chest muscles, long known by most orthopedic doctors to be the muscles most used during Beirut. John has packed on an amazing 15 pounds of muscle while still maintaining optimum flexibility and Matt has improved and toned up his 24-34-26 frame. Jimmy the Greek has posted this team at 5-2 odds of becoming the next Beirut Champions. Wheaties is sending a photographer to the tournament to capture this team's special moment and CBS will be showing highlights to the tune of One Shining Moment. This truly is a team of destiny. "

Whittier (left) and Conti (right) are hungry for a win