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"Drunk and Drunker"

This duo of Gunnery Class of 99í graduates have been providing stiff competition to all who face them on a regular basis these past few years. In their first tournament (2000) they managed to be seeded 6th due to their excellent performance throughout the course of the year. While in the first tournament they did not produce results, they did manage to knock off a stellar alumni duo in a large upset. After that, they took the 2001 outdoor fiasco tournament off, as Matt was in Florida, but continued to play solidly throughout the year in many locations.  This yearís tournament is one filled with high hope and anticipation.

Over the course of the past 5 years, these two have been playing the game of ruit in many locations, from their inaugural days in a shady studio in the back hills of Connecticut, all the way to University of Pennsylvania. Some other memorable locations where this team has paired up includes poolside at Mattís house, A-3, Krisís basement, the tower, and even in Krisís living room one night just to hone the skills. This team has had many memorable games and has caused havoc for many teams. While their skills are part natural, they are also part taught by Spence and Dowler. Many nights during freshman year you could catch this group of 4 with a 30-pack and a table. They would play for hours on end, just practicing. One memorable practice session even included boxed wine and bacardi as substitutes for beer.

As the team gets ready for this years tournament, they just hope there is a useful punching surface in close vicinity as they are both lively players.

The boys and a cameo by Busch Light.......

Porch wishing that he had become a fireman....