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The "Smoke Me" Bandits



Grabbing one of the last spots in the Tourney this fall with an amazing sweep in the BIT, The "Smoke Me" Bandits will be a sleeper that only the true players will be aware of. Manning the cups will be the tag team duo of Prep School attendees, David Friedman and Michael Dolce.

Rivals in their early youth and adolescence, Dave and Mike have teamed up over the years to throw some of the greatest ping pong balls in recorded history. Their on table chemistry is uncanny, and both are labeled as franchise players. Both came onto the scene after short stints in the minors, and immediately made an impact.

Speaking with former coach and mentor, Brian Russo he states that, "I haven't seen such work ethic since the dynamic duo of Patty Diesel and Sheldon Kennedy. They know exactly where each other is going to be without looking, and you just can't teach that!"

With a seed most likely in the higher teens, The "Smoke Me" Bandits look to raise a couple eyebrows with some early knockoffs and upsets.