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Enya Face

Ron Gage/Mike Panico

"Eurus… Afer Ventus... Boreas… Zephryus ..."

The origins of Enya Face stem from humble beginnings and promise to leave a legacy that beckons through the ages. The story begins ages ago as two young men in room deuce deuce tre (Putney represent) fostered a love for the game of Beirut. They were initially separated, at which time they studied intently to develop their skills and foster their talents. Soon, however, by a leap of faith signifying true destiny, their paths converged and they joined forces—the game has not been the same since. From random nights to organized all-day tournaments, Gage and Panico have battled through insignificant drunk kids, trash-talkers, wanna-be's, Lukabounces, and gay rules made up just to make them lose without being scathed. How does such a team consistently dismantle every competitor? A partnership forged of raw talent and traditional conditioning focusing on sniping and brute force fuels the performance of the team. Both members support each other through the harmony of opposing styles. They are not merely a machine which mindlessly and coldly fulfills its obligations, but rather a living, breathing organism which adapts to the environment, competitors, and specific nature of the individual game to gain an unseen advantage that no others can even begin to understand. The true source of their power, however, lies in Enya. In a moment of serene reflection and relaxation initiated by the soothing lyrics and hypnotic rhythms, Enya Face and Beirut become one. Their heads are clear as they relentlessly and diligently pursue their objectives with unfaltering desire and nerves of steel. Known as the "calm before the storm," their chi collects, merges, and focuses as it tears into the very fabric of space and time. The universe quivers as an Armageddon of sinks, splashes, racks, and victories rains down on competitors. Beware the calm, focused fury of Enya; the unfortunate souls at the opposite end of the table can only count down the time until their demise.

Ron (left) and Panico (right) tore up the tables in December '01 and came in second overall