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Beirut Legends, "The Congressmen"

Was it really less than a half decade ago that some doubted “The Congressmen”? That they were considered all style and no substance? That they would continue to win beer die championships but that they would never elevate to a beirut championship?   Now, “The Congressmen” are recognized as a Babson icon. Tall, dark and handsome, these men possess the rarest of gifts, the ability to transcend their sport. Their fame and skill were intertwined, much as they were in earlier generations for a select few, such as Weed and Walgreen.  Their array of incredible moves and scintillating plunks delight beer-drinking fans. There is an aura of class surrounding them that is lacking in many of today's beirut players.

They boasted that they were "The Greatest," and in their prime of a very charismatic collegiate career, many agreed.  The sports world is filled with showmen and great athletes, but perhaps never were they better combined than in the young men who became a college wide phenomenon as “The Congressmen.”  The men who bragged about their ability to "make you rackem" went from being a curious oddity in the early 1995 to collegiate heroes.

Marc Conroy was born on the streets of Troy, NY.  His gang banging days helped mold him into the sharp shooter that he is today.  He arrived on the Babson campus in the fall of ’95 and his reputation spread quickly on the beer die table. The brash youngster was a terrific self-promoter, mugging for people’s attention at Trim and boasting that not only was he the greatest beer die player, he also was the prettiest. He quickly earned the name of “The Congressman”.  “The Congressman” predicted in rhyme, with unerring accuracy, his “plunks”.  His domination stretched from the halls of Colemen, Pietz, Central, South.  There wasn’t a weekend night that you wouldn’t find this 150 pound sharp shooter “sinking to win.”  With an unquestionable beer die reputation, “The Congressman” was quickly recruited to play beirut.  He had a brilliant career that spanned six-years and 100 pounds.  On December 1, “The Congressman” plans on making a comeback that Babson students will be talking about for years.

Where did you hear about Joe Nappi?  You certainly never saw him in person. But you sure knew the legend.  Joe “The Bus” Nappi, an Ohio native, was the Babson swim champion who was also known for taking beer die players to school throughout the halls of Babson.  Like Bo and Deion before him, Joe was the two sport athlete who played beer die and swam at the same time.  Although he showed immediate promise, Joe was only a star in schoolyards (better know as Forest Hall). That changed in the spring of 1996 when Joe walked into Eric Walgreen’s suite. He watched as others failed succumbing to the beer die gods.  From his first shot Joe showed how easily it could be done.  Two years later, the 5-foot-11, 175-pounder almost single-handedly overcame the entire Babson Swim Team to win the covenanted Beer Die championship belts.  After it was all over, Joe couldn't tell you how he did it.  Everything came natural.  Over the years Joe would stretch his skills over to the beirut table helping make the dominate team of “The Congressmen” what they are today.

“The Congressmen” may have developed on the beer die table but they dominate the beirut table today.  Both players like to play off each others strengths (always going with the hot hand), while showing little to no weaknesses.  They are a team with a lot of style and six-years later have shown substance in their array of incredible moves.  If you ever get a chance to see these two don’t be surprised if you hear Marc say, “I love to win on a sink!”  followed by a “plunk!” by Joe.