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"Beer God Apostles"

Team Song

UPDATE:  Spencer and Thrill won the Hartford qualifier and will advance to their National Championship.   The final game of the championship will be broadcast live on the Jimmy Kimmel show.   They look forward to the April 5th Spencer's Beirut tournament.

Spencer and Thrill have been slaying and inebriating opponents since early 1997.  Spencer was introduced to Beirut at LeHigh University, a bastion of Beirut play in Bethlehem, PA while visiting the school with his friend Tom back in ’94 (the team’s arch-nemesis when paired with Greg;  the two teams met in the finals of  the two tourneys following Spencer and Thrill’s win in the first year).  He played on and off for a couple of years until coming to Babson where he played more regularly.  He was more of a journeyman player until playing several times with Thrill.  Spencer’s trained eye saw the potential of the raw talent that Thrill possessed and the obvious team chemistry.  Spencer mentored Thrill, and together the team took shape to become the dominant Beirut force that they are now.  Since then they have been “running the table” countless nights at multiple venues be it 3-player Beirut at LeHigh with 8 oz cups or on a ping-pong table in a basement in upstate NY.  Some questioned Spencer when he chose Thrill, the rookie at the time, as his partner for the first “Spencer’s Beirut Tournament.”  After they won, they were never questioned again.  They have never shied away from a game, except for the “strip-Beirut” being played at LeHigh that one time, which was a private party.  The pair seem to both be streaky as individuals, but as a team find an uncanny way to always be on fire, with one player getting hot as the other becomes cold.  They have a certain ESP between them, knowing when the other needs encouragement, help with a drink, or some advice to tweak their game.

 As a team having played hundreds of games of Beirut, they have definite strategies.  While a portion of the game certainly is luck another portion is skill.  By maximizing that, along with having a good hearty tolerance, chances of success are increased.  By realizing that Beirut is also a mental game, and by being able to get in the zone, and feel the flow, which is circular, or like a carousel if you will, chances of success are further bolstered.  While graduation from college and the departure of a constant stream of Beirut games has them bummed, it hasn’t weakened their skills.  They have played many games post-graduation with extreme success.

 The team prefers not to talk trash as doing so angers the Beer God.  As the Beer God Apostles they offer their victims as sacrifices to the Beer God.  As only one team can play for the Beer God, he must choose his followers wisely, as to obtain the most sacrifices.  By choosing Spencer and Thrill as his disciples, the Beer God watches over them as they play, and is able to sway things in their favor once in a while.  The team prefers to go about their business of execution in a professional and systematic fashion, as efficiently as possible.  This might anger some, as well as the fact that they never get off the table due to constant winning, but it certainly delights the Beer God, and it delights Spencer and Thrill.  Rest assured that each throw has been well calculated, that each miss is sorely loathed by the pair, and that each hit strikes fear into the hearts of their opponents.  After each successful vanquish, Spencer and Thrill always perform their ritualistic high-five/chest bump.  Approach this team with extreme caution, and be prepared to hear them utter “rackem!” many times…

The glory days....

They went all the way in 2001, for a video of this victory visit's video section...