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      It was a single phone call that brought together two men that would enter the realm of greatness in the beirut arena. Five words, more well known than those from the crew of Apollo 13, "my friend needs a partner," was all it took, as Spencer asked a simple task of freshman rookie Greg Bergida that day. What would be created by his simple answer of "sure, I'm in" would stun the eyes of millions of 'ruit fans across the globe. Tom and Greg met for the first time that warm spring morning, but the wheels were set in motion with that one introductory handshake. Stepping in as Zach Barnes and Monroe Clark from oscar bound 90's cinematic masterpiece Side Out, Tom, the veteran, brought out the best of rookie Greg that day. Like a Jedi master to his pattuin learner, Tom shared his knowledge with Greg. The sleeper, the underdog, whatever they can be reffered to as, the duo marched through the bracket. The match everyone waited for soon arrived. The first, and far from the last meeting of Tom and Greg versus Thrill and Spencer. Who would enter the losers bracket and who would move on the victor? The crowd cheered, the beer splashed, the cups were drank, and in the end, it was Greg and Tom who raised their glasses and passed them to their fallen opponents, who, with a firm handshake and a genuine smile said "we will see you in the finals." See them, they did. The battle raged on once again. Coming down to the wire in true form, the champions were champions no more. They graciously passed the torch, and delivered a challenge that would echo for many years... "we will see you next year." That following year, Greg and Tom would once again raise their trophies. The rivalry began so long ago, and has continued since. History meaning far less than the battle of that day. Though seperated by geography, not always able to make it to every tournament, that bond, that meshing, that unity that Greg and Tom found on the table comes back when the crack of the can of whatever fine brew is sounded. A call to arms. Always up for a challenge, always welcoming a competition, Greg and Tom will always be poised, ready, and happy to raise a can, give a cheers and say "let's play!"

Tom (left) and Greg (right) are eager to play in April