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April 2002 Pics
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The UnderEstimated OverAchievers
Sara (left) and Jon (right)

Regulars on the Beirut scene, and familiar with the Brighton establishment, the Underestimated OverAchievers lived up to their name and got to the finals.  Along the way they took down the cinderella Team Goldfly and senior citizens Weed-Walgreen.

The Evil Empire
Tom (left) and Greg (right)

Tom and Greg have won every .com tournament that they have played in as a team.  Would it hold up this time?  Yes.

Gather around to watch the finals
Watch your head!

Tom and Greg beat Jon/Sara in the finals of the winners bracket.  To win, Jon and Sara would have to win the loser's bracket, then beat Tom/Greg twice.  They did the former, but couldn't beat Tom/Greg once, let alone twice.  They still had a great tourney.

The top 2 teams
Jon/Sara (middle) and Tom/Greg (winners)

Congratulations to both Jon/Sara and Tom/Greg on a tournament well played.  Tom and Greg continued their undefeated streak in .com tournament play.  They've been on quite a roll and look forward to defending their championship in 2003.