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For no apparent reason
This is how the MLBPA rolls down in PA

Some things in life should be shielded from human eyes.  The guys from the Major League Beer Pong Association did a little dance and stripped completely unprovoked, the whole time ignoring the screaming please of onlookers to keep their clothes on.  Who were their unlucky opponents?  Spencer from .com and Ian from .org, in a game for fun after the tourney.  Video of the event is up at .org where Ian can be heard screaming "What the hell is going on here?!!?"

Witnesses or victims?
What the...

Joe from (center) and Guy from Canada (right) can only help but look in horror at the scene before them, too freaked out to speak, but somehow drawn to look.  They would later wash out their eyes and vomit.

Adam and Kirk set up their cups

Yes, there was outdoor Beirut played.  The games spilled out into the backyard.  Things were quite interesting until a flood light was activated.  Matters were complicated by the footing:  one side of the table was up on a slight incline, the other was in a ditch.  You were either up really high missing the cups in the darkness, or down low missing cups in the darkness.

We found this in the trash, look, there's half left!!

With the beer flowing like water (and something else on the neighbor's garadge, we'll save you those photos) there had better be some food to soak it all up.  The hot dogs and burgers were a godsend.  Does anything hit the spot better than unexpected good food when you're 10 beers deep?